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The descriptions below each video explain what Richard Mather's role was for the project.
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Richard Mather Animation Reel 2019

Rick and Morty x Titmouse | AS IDs | adult swim

Direction, Storyboard, Design, Animation 

Webby Awards: People's Voice Winner

Video Experimental & Weird (Branded)

Award Winner


Richard Mather Animation Reel 2017

Jay-Z, The Story of O.J.


Webby Awards:


Animation 2018


Music Video 2018

Nominated for 2 Awards


Dua Lipa - Hallucinate 

Animation  (view count is 59 million +)

Sesame Studios, Onomatopede and Worm

Direction, Storyboard, Animation, Design, Voice Acting (view count is 228 k +)

Pizza Eating Pizza, SNL 

Direction, Storyboard, Design

Clash Royale: We Are GREEK GODS!


Home Alone, Where are they now

Direction, Storyboard, Animation, Design, Voice Acting

Pip | A Short Animated Film

Writer (view count is 350 million +)

Jay-Z, The Story of O.J.

Animation  (view count is 129 million +)

Rick and Morty Exquisite Corpse | Rick and Morty | Adult Swim

Direction, Storyboard, Animation, Design

(view count is 14 million +)

Rick and Morty ID

Direction, Storyboard, Design, Animation 

(Webby Award Winner 2020)

Tru TV, Late Night Snack

Direction, Storyboard, Animation, Design

Steamboat Willie, Disney

Direction, Design, Character Layout​​

Unpopular Satan, Adult Swim Bumper

Director, Animation, Storyboards, Design

Boaster gets BETRAYED? | VCT Stories

Storyboard, Animation, Design, BG design

Transportation | Off the Air | Adult Swim

Director, Animation, Storyboards, Design

Work history:
3D/2D Animated Pilot - (Storyboarding, Background design)
Y2K, movie - (Storyboarding)
CRUSH, movie - (Storyboarding)
HR Block - TicTok animated videos (Director, design, animation, sound design)
Sex Appeal, movie - (Storyboarding)
5 VCT Stories - (Director, storyboarding, animation, design, BG design)
3 seasons of Kirby Buckets (Storyboarding, animation)
2 seasons of Metalocalypse (Storyboarding)
SNL Short (Director, designer, storyboarding, animation) 
2 special episodes of Uncle Grandpa (Animation)
The Story of OJ- music video (Animation)
Dua Lipa - Hallucinate - music video (Animation)
3 Rick and Morty promos (Director, designer,  storyboarding, animation, sound design)
Section of Steamboat Willie Redux (Director, designer)
Metalocalypse Movie (Storyboarding)
3 seasons Superjail! (Design, storyboarding, VO)
1 seson of MTV's Downtown (Character design) 
4 seasons of MTV's Daria (Design) 

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