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ARTWORK: This page shows SOLD artwork.


About the Artist and his work:


Richard Mather is an Artist, Animator and Director of animated shorts and music videos. His new Art style was initially inspired by the downed trees of the Palisades area of New York after Hurricane Sandy in the winter of 2012. After many attempts to capture his vision he attempted a more abstract approach with uneven spirals calling from a childhood memory of his sister’s Venetian glass bead collection. The pattern created is a big part of the artwork, each spiral is an individual creating a rough pattern with character. Mather carefully overloads the quill of ink to cause an occasional damaged bead to keep the pattern less uniform. The foreground figures and silhouettes are brushed with India ink to keep the detail to a minimum to create a folkish/naive style. The subject of Mather's art is of negotiations and circumstances between individuals.


All works by Richard Mather


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